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Transition Outcomes Project Materials


IDEA '97, Transition Services Requirements: A Guide for States, Districts, Schools, Universities, and Families

This document, co-written by Jane Storms (WRRC), Ed O'Leary (MPRRC), and Jane Williams (Arizona State University West), serves as the entire foundation for the Transition Outcomes Project. This document was the  first, and remains one of the most comprehensive manuals dealing with the Transition Requirements of IDEA 97. In  detail, with thorough examples, it spells out all of the necessities of a good transition program.

Revised (2007 Draft) Transition Services: Helping Educators, Parents and Other Stakeholders Understand...

This document details three main issues: 1. Post-school Outcomes; 2. Course of Study; and 3.  Coordinated Set of Activities.

Transition Outcomes Project ? Overview

The Transition Outcomes Project is developed around a process, model, and conceptual framework designed to identify specific problems in implementing the transition services requirements and then develop strategies to address and resolve each problem.

Suggested Activities Before, During, and After the IEP Meeting

A list of suggested activities to be implemented before, during, and after the IEP team meeting.

Re-Designing the What, How, and Who in IEPs

The purpose of this document is to help educators facilitate IEP meetings that involve transition of the student.

IEPs: Review, Revise, but Don't Re-Write

In this position paper, Dr. O'Leary argues that by following the law and simply reviewing and revising the IEP, the IEP will become a more valuable document because it will be a comprehensive multi-year  plan detailing the student's activities in the past and present, and directing the student's future.

Statement of Transition Services Needed Clarification

Questions and concerns have risen regarding the procedures to follow when a student changes courses after the IEP has been written.

Doing the Right Thing and Doing Things Right

This article taken from the MPRRC's fall 2001 newletter summarizes the National Council on Disabilities findings related to post-school outcomes from the Council's 2001 progress report on disability  policy.



The Transition Outcomes Project Confidentiality Form

School Improvement Planning

This School Improvement Planning Sheet Form is used during the Report-out Meeting to record current performance, identify goals, specify strategies and identify responsible parties.

Transition Requirements Checklist (November 2003)

The Transition Requirements Checklist is used in the review of IEPs.  There are 29 questions divided in three major sections: Participants in the IEP Meeting, Parent and Student Participation, and Content of the IEP.

Transition Requirements Checklist Reviewer Reference Form (November 2003)

The Transition Requirements Checklist Reviewer Reference Form is to be used by IEP review team members in conjunction with the Transition Requirements Checklist. The purpose of this Reference Form is to provide reviewers with additional information on each question on the checklist, the specific requirement, and where it may be located in the IEP form or in student files.


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