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Using Technology as a Tool in Collaboration & Training

About this Series:
This series of podcasts is about using technology in education. It was written as part of NERRC's series on using technology for training with its Part C Coordinators. However, the information is useful for anyone working in education. The series discusses podcasts, vidcasts  webinars, and other ways to help others share information more effectively.

This developing series includes a podcast on each of the following topics as well as links and resources:

  • Podcasts ?  Podcasts are audio recordings posted on the Internet. You'll learn how and why you might use these in your training.

  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) ? What is RSS and how can you use it to keep up with what's happening in your profession?

  • Wikis ? A Wiki website (like Wikipedia) allows visitors to add and edit content collectively. You'll learn how you can use wikis for collaborative work.

  • Online Survey Applications ? Tackle the avalanche of data in your life with easy-to-use online survey applications.

  • Webinars  ? Webinars are online events that present training, a guided tour, or some other type of presentation. This podcast will discuss the different kinds of webinars and how they might be useful to you as a trainer or educator.

  • Digital Photography ? You'll learn how digital photography can be useful in collaboration and training.

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